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If you are looking for an easy way to get Free Microsoft Points, then be warned that a Microsoft Points Generator will NOT WORK! These so-called “quick fixes” to getting Free Microsoft Points are bad news, and I will tell you why. I was looking for a Free Microsoft Points card myself and thought a Microsoft Points Generator would be a good idea. Then I learned the truth after talking to one of my friends that had a bad experience after downloading a Microsoft Points Generator onto his computer. Here's how he explained it to me. Any time you download a Microsoft Points Generator onto your computer, you have a very good chance of getting either a Trojan virus or spyware.
What a Trojan virus does is when you download the generator, it contains a virus that is installed onto your computer once you install the program. Some of the negative effects that a Trojan virus can cause range from stealing your personal information and key-logging what you type, to installing harmful software onto your computer or even modifying or deleting your files! Trojan viruses are very hard to remove from your computer once they're installed, especially if you don't have good anti-virus software.
Sometimes even if you do have good anti-virus software you might still have to reformat your hard drive and reinstall your operating system from the beginning, losing all of your files! It's best to stay far far away if you see a Microsoft Points Generator, they will only cause you trouble and lost time. In-fact, let me tell you what happened to my friend that I mentioned earlier...

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My friend didn't have any money to get Microsoft Points. He started searching online for Free Microsoft Points. After seeing stuff that looked like a scam he decided on downloading a Microsoft Points Generator, which was a bad move on his part. Immediately he had spyware on his computer, which collects personal information and can even mess with your computer and browser settings. Not only did my friend get spyware put on his computer, he also got a Trojan virus! Not having proper anti-virus software on his computer, it ended up being totally messed up!
He had to reinstall Windows doing a clean install, meaning he lost ALL of his files! All of his music files, all the videos he had saved on his hard drive, and even all of his bookmarks and programs. He had to get copies of all his programs and reinstall them, which took a lot of time and work. He lost all of his music files, which wasted A LOT of money! He also lost his bookmarks, meaning he lost all the links to his favorite websites he liked and went to frequently. I sure hope he learned his lesson and won't download another Microsoft Points Generator. All he wanted to get was Free Microsoft Points, but instead he got a free messed up computer.

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Free Microsoft Points

After reading all of this information, you're probably thinking there is no way to earn things like Free Microsoft Points without bad things happening to you or your computer. With the site I use, Points2Shop, not only can you get Free Microsoft Points sent to you in the mail, you can also get them e-mailed to you once your address has been verified! I have earned TONS of stuff from Points2Shop - Free Microsoft Points, and for people who are looking for proof, they have a “proof section” in the forums, as well as testimonials of prizes users have received.
The ways you can earn money on Points2Shop is through doing free offers and completing free surveys for companies, playing other users for points in the various games, and by getting referrals. In no time you will have enough points to have a Free Microsoft Points Code e-mailed to you! Points2Shop also has a shout-box where you can get instant help if you're stumped. In the shout-box you can ask any questions you may have about the site. There are many experienced users there that will help you!
All you have to do to start earning points is sign up at Points2Shop. They will send you a confirmation e-mail containing a link you must click to join. Once you sign up and verify your account, Points2Shop will deposit 250 points into your account (worth $2.50 since $1.00 = 100 points). After that you can start doing the various free offers and surveys to collect points towards a Free Microsoft Points card, or whatever prize you decide you want from Trust me, Points2Shop is easier then a Microsoft Points Generator when it comes to getting Free Microsoft Points!

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I really enjoy earning Free Microsoft Points on Points2Shop. My Xbox Account always has points in it now thanks to Points2Shop. At 20 dollars a pop, I have saved TONS of money by earning points and spending them on Free Microsoft Points that they've e-mailed to me!
Video games are getting pretty expensive nowadays, but you can pick that prize if you choose to save yourself some big money! You can choose a game from any console like the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the Wii. The time and effort you put into Points2Shop will be rewarded with whatever prize you decide to save for and get.